Takenobu Igarashi: Design and Fine Art

Takenobu Igarashi: Design and Fine Art


Chronicling the career of award-winning Japanese graphic designer, industrial designer and fine artist Takenobu Igarashi - the subject of Takenobu Igarashi: Design and Fine art - is a fast-paced and colorful adventure through time, space and geography. Born in 1944, educated at Tokyo's Tama Art University (1968) and UCLA (1969), and professionally active in Japan and the United States, Igarashi won acclaim in the 1970s as a graphic designer for his axonometric alphabets, successfully extended his vision in the 1980s to include product design, and concluded 25 years of design activity in the 1990s by becoming a sculptor. As Igarashi explains, "My approach to design has always wavered between my wish to do something useful for society and my desire to create something beautiful with my own hands."

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