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News From the Storefront!

Hello out there!

I have been meaning to start a blog for some time but it seems that the universe is pretty much making it impossible not to these days. So. Here I am. I can hear my voice echo in the Internet Stratosphere but I will try to talk to you the way I do at the store.

Right now, the physical store is open and safe. It is a big space and we are able to maintain the right physical distance between you and us and I have plenty of free time to clean compulsively. However, I realize that our mission has changed. We have always been anchored in our neighbourhood but nowadays I take this role more seriously than ever. We hold packages for people and take deliveries for other shop owners.

Recently, we have been living in ghost streets and towns and I feel the urgent need to see growing, blooming, thriving branches, blossoms and bouquets. So I ran (not walked) to my neighbouring florist's and I splurged on all kinds of greens. I installed them nicely in the windows and I felt better.

I need to explain that plants and I have a rocky relationship. They seem to die on me for some reason and I resent them for doing so. Now of course, I need to take care of these guys in the windows and do all kinds of horticultural things to them although I still feel like an unfit mother. It probably goes back to the time when my daughter put me in charge of her Tamagotchi (remember those?) and I let it die of neglect and, frankly, total lack of interest in all electronical things that come in garish colours.

This is Sunday. A late afternoon in Montreal. The sky is the most beautiful shade of blue and I truly wonder how interested you are in my plants and Tamagotchi (Google it) stories.

Have a safe time at home, Stay healthy. I am keeping the store flowering for you. 


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